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Before being diagnosed with Bartonella and P..A.N.S from a tick bite, Gemma was ALWAYS a sweet girl full of love and imagination.  She would love to spend time with her younger brother, ride her bike, create beautiful artwork and would read a book a week.  She would leave me (dad)  a note every morning on my desk wishing me a good day and tell me she loves me.  She always gave hugs, would literally argue with her brother over who would sit next to mommy or daddy to watch a movie.

Almost a year ago she started acgting different, in march she basically pulled a 180 degree behavior pattern.  Severe OCD, extreme anger, anxiety, she stopped reading, stopped drawing, would not go near her brother, would not take a shower or brush her teeth, eat her food, even drink water.  Worst of all she thought myself and my wife were somekind of enemy and she would not come near us.  A simple task like brushing teeth or getting in the car to go somehwere turned into hours of persuasion.  My Wife and I were literally crying ourselves to sleep every night not knowing what we did wrong.

We took her from Doctor appt to Doctor appt, some just wanted us to put her on happy pills for the rest of her life and some of which literally brushed us off and said we just have a bad child!!!  

Thankfully after many doctor appiontments, naturalpath appointments and constant persistance by my wife Jess to find a real answers we thankfully found WAVE intergrative they have spent hours with us, looking over every detail of Gemmas food intake, measured all levels in her body fluids to find imbalances.  Each trip to visit with them is an entire day process, you will never get that from a regular practitioner.  Wave intergrative has set us up with a complicated, but very effictive way of treating Gemma.  With their treatments and a combination of neuro theropies we have slowly seen changes in Gemma.

Even a small change like her taking a shower is a huge step for a child with this awful, awful disease.  It has been 6 months and we are finally starting to see small glitches of our beautiful Gemma again.  If we get her to brush her teeth, take a shower and smile a few times throught the day or week, this is huge.  My Wife and I literally find ourselves holding tears back staring at her when we see her smiling. 

We want to keep up everything weve been doing, insurance does not care to cover curing diseases like this and we chose to, unfortunately, this has been very costly for us we have held back as long as we can without having to reach out and ask for help but we believe it's time to reach out to all.  we estimate we ould need another $5000 to help us fill in the next 4-6 months of treatements.  Any Excess funds we will find an appropiate family in need to donate the remainng to.  

We appreciate every single one of you out there willing to help!

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