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On March 24th, my mom went to the hospital for what she thought was just a painful ulcer that wouldn't heal. That turned into the news that flipped my life upside down. My name is Samantha Castillo and I am creating this campaign for my mom, Brenda Castillo. Throughout her emergency hospital stay she was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and has a tumor by her ovary the size of a football. She has a mass by her colon and some that spread to the lining of her stomach. Initially, the news hit us very hard. My mom has been a single mother to my brother and I for all of our lives. We are only a family of three, but that is what makes our bond so strong. She is my best friend, my role model and genuinely, my hero- which is why I know she is going to beat this cancer! We just need some help for the journey along the way. 

My mom was born a fighter. She was abandoned and adopted but raised herself, raised two amazing children by herself, provided for us our entire lives and made sure we never missed out on anything. Now it's been my turn to return the favor. As many know, I am the sole financial provider of my family. I am a teacher's assistant at Shepard High School, where my brother is finishing up his freshman year. But with this onset news, I just cannot do it all. She found an amazing doctor with Nourish Healthcare who is helping her with her chemo at a different hospital and giving her the positive mentality she needs to keep up the fight. The medications, doctor's visits and ongoing tests are where I need to ask for help.

We have a long battle ahead of us, but as we keep saying, "it is just another bump in the road." Because our love runs so deep in this family, we know she will make it and beat cancer!

Please consider donating, any amount is a great deal of help.

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2 years ago

We posted your campaign on our LinkedIn sites. Wishing you the best!

  • Darin donated - $30
  • Valerie donated - $250
  • Amy Lilliebridge donated - $50
  • Bri & Jason donated - $50
  • Janet S donated - $100
  • Erica donated - $20
  • Alyssa donated - $20
  • Alexcia donated - $30