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About 10 years ago, I found out that I had fibroids and the chance to get pregnant was little, so knowing that I decide to have my 1st surgery to remove the fibroids, which at the time I had 5. After 6 months of surgery I found out that I had another one, so I went to surgery again and a 1 Year and half after second surgery they grow back. After that was a lot pain every month, heavy periods, anemia and I realize that I won't be able to get pregnant anymore because my uterus wasn't healthy anymore to care a pregnancy, to much scars. My uterus was about a size of a 6 months pregnancy, one of the fibroids was a little bigger then a grapefruit. I'm 44 now and dealing with this pain for 10 years, I had one miscarage because fibroids was growing with the babe, leaving no space for the babe grow up. So 2 years ago I came with the decision to have a hysterectomy, since I wasn't able to get pregnant anymore and was suffering every month with my periods. I had the surgery done on oct 15th, everything went well, my doctor was amazing, I'm recovering well, but I have to stay put for 6 weeks. Since I've been with my job for less then a year I wasn't eligible for FMLA, so I'm home and not getting paid, so I need a little help to pay my medical bills. Specially getting $10 per hour at my job I won't be able to pay everything by myself. So if you please, can help me with anything I will be really grateful.

Thank You!