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My name is Ekaterina but i go by Katya. Within the past 5 years, ive struggled with some health issues including painful digestive issues, constipation, severe skin sensitivity, mood swings, fluctuating weight, depression at some points, anxiety and so much more. With my weak health state, i started looking into resources to find the problem. I continued to make changes to my diet, and although i had results, they were for a very short period of time and most of the time was still in pain and felt sick to my stomach and could not keep up with being in a lower caloric deficit. So i decided to venture to exercising to stay healthy with a healthy diet. To my shock, i found my mood swings became more inconsistant and i started to feel pain in my bones and my digestive issues flaired up again which i thought was the craziest thing; these healthy changes was supposed to be my answer. I continued experiment and twick little things here and there, and nothing changed. As i booked more and more appointments with doctors, i grew frustated. All the pills and inconsiderate advice the doctor would give me (like: drink more water, or make sure you get enough sleep) felt irrelevant to my constant state of pain and feeling so disgusting. i tried being vegan, i tried all sorts of diets to try to find what was wrong with me. 

I found a naturopathic doctor in my city that is willing to take several tests to narrow down what is wrong with me, whether that is allergies to certain foods, a lack of good bacteria in my body, or even hypothyroidism which would be the explanation to my symptoms. I would extremely benefit from your donations by being about to find what my body is fighting against, and thankly wouldnt have to suffer from excruciating pain i feel everyday. unfortunately, the healthcare system is willing to give me a plethora of pills to ignore the problem. But i am not about that. I want to wake up and have the energy to get out of bed and not feel pain. Dr. Ray will track my progress, it will be a 3 month treatment after the tests when the go to the lab. I am hoping that you find me, a girl who needs to be tested and treated, something that you are passionate about and would like to take that step. I appeciate so much all your contributions. 

Your donations are directly sent to the doctor and only used for testing and treatment; so you can feel confident that your money is going to the right place.

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