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I have been living with MS for 11 years, devotedly following established protocol to manage the disease. I see specialists in allopathic and naturopathic fields. I eat to heal, I exercise daily, I meditate, I pray, I live in gratitude. And yet, my disease is still progressing. Today, I am overwhelmed with neuropathy and dizziness. I am confused, forgetful, tired, my legs are stiff and spastic. I am victim to a myriad of strange and uncomfortable nervous system problems. They are with me every day, all day. 
Modus operandus, I choose to live past the pain. This mindset has gifted me great freedom through my experience. I always keep my mind open, and the gratitude for what I do have, flowing. But, in the past 2 years, my efforts have been overcome. I now spend most days at home, or close to home. I have spent many days in bed laying completely still because of how sensitive my neuropathy and severe my dizziness has become. 
I have repeatedly returned to my doctors, asking why I’m feeling so awful, hoping for new answers. Instead, I am given encouragement to accept the incurable. I’m told that I can take more medication to try and dull the symptoms. But, It doesn’t help that much, and it devastates my quality of life. And, it’s not healing anything, anyway.
I want “me” back. I want hope back.
Functional medicine is a systematic approach to healing chronic disease. Environmental influences, toxicity, allergy, immunology, viruses, genetic factors, past trauma and illness, metabolism, gut microbiology, and more are all considered when developing a treatment plan for the patient. It is personalized and complex and like nothing else I’ve encountered in my 11 years of living with MS. And, it works! People are healing in this type of care! And, I believe that I can too! 
Its a slow road to try and heal a chronically ill person. But, it is possible. It requires treatments, supplements, medication, and tests that mostly aren’t covered by insurance. Yep, almost all of them. Not because they aren’t appropriate care but because our insurance companies are run by lobbyists.
I started treatment January 3rd and I am already starting to feel better, which is thrilling. I feel hopeful! 
I don’t know what it will take to get me back into remission. Right now, I have a rigorous 3 month protocol ahead of me.  Best case scenario, I’m feeling better after that. 
My first 6 week’s of the protocol is 8k! 
By donating here, this foundation will also donate to my treatments.  By donating here, your company can match funds. By donating here, you are collectively helping me to get the care and treatment I believe will save my life. Thank you! 💜