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I am diagnosed with Celiac, Aspergers, ADHD, Ulcerative Colitis, Gluten Ataxia, and Bipolar. I have many odd allergies and food restrictions IE allergic to corn, whey, intolerance to peanuts, lactose, and inability to eat carbs or meats.
I want to know some things, After my last gluten exposure I have been left with diarrhea every day since July, 2-8 times a day. I can not eat food without taking pancreas enzymes. If I eat carbs/sugars not only does my UC flare up with but now I also get glucose spikes to the 400+ range with some potatoes.
I am dealing with using a keto/atkins diet, no sugar, fruit, no carbs. Meats float and do not break down and cause vomiting so I do not eat meat. I blend my meals and everything I eat so that it can be broken down easier and take pancreas enzymes with everything.
I am also dealing with random vomiting....almost every other evening no reason no matter if I eat or not.
I want to get some testing done, get checked for any other conditions (Genetic Testing and Consultation), allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, and perhaps see if I can see a doctor and check what the deal with my pancreas is....perhaps see if I have more white spots on the MRI from ataxia damage.

I am living on disability, I live on nut butters, seeds meals, egg whites, blended leafy greens, making custard like omelettes, nut meal porridge, green shakes, and take various supplements for vitamin D, B-vitamins full spectrum and some other things.
I have not been able to afford my UC or other meds for years and get by with diet and herbal remedies.
I spend most my money on rent, I try to make nut butters and gluten free baked goods out of nut based blends I do and sell at markets. The diet is expensive and I hardly get by and have just lived without any medical assistance or seeing a doctor for the past 2 years.

I have no idea how much money I will need in the end, I just need some answers and this is to get me started.