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Two years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis, at the time I did not understand this was something that could come back. After I began taking medication the symptoms went away and I thought I was healed. Six months later the symptoms came back and once I was put back on medication once again the symptoms went away. Just Two months ago, while still on medication the symptoms came back much more furious, and with higher doses of medication the symptoms were still not going away. After a sigmoidoscopy we discovered things had gotten much worse, the inflammation progressed much further in the colon, and was now considered ulcerative colitis. 

I was put on prednisone, which finally got the symptoms to stop.

Because of everything going on, I had to take over a month off of working as personal trainer, and rest from my workouts. Gratefully my family helped provide for my needs while I was out of work. It's been hard for me to feel my best, especially when fitness is such a huge part of who I am and my lifestyle. 

However, I was able to use the time to research. I discovered, this condition can continue to get worse and more than likely will. The solution to real healing is getting to the root cause of the issue.  I have changed my diet so far, quit coffee (I used to love coffee!), stopped doing boxing mitt work with my clients to eliminate the impact to my body, allowed my body more rest, and slowly begun to workout again while being extremely cautious not to over exert myself so that my body will continue to heal. 

My hopes in this campaign is to join the SHIELD program from The Crohns and Colitis Lifestyle. https://crohnscolitislifestyle.mykajabi.com/shieldprogram What I am looking to get out of this program is finding the root cause of this issue, getting support from coaches and a community who have been through this, healing myself to the point I can get off of medication and learning to how to live and love myself with this condition. I have researched this program diligently, read their recommended books, and implemented some of their suggestions already. Through the contact that I have been having with their support team, attending Dane's free workshop, and the many testimonial videos, I am confident they can help me. 

Right now I have a great medical doctor who I am grateful for, for helping get this current flare to stop. I have wonderful support from my family. I have faith in God that this IS an opportunity to become the best version of myself and eventually use this experience as encouragement for others. I would like to add Dane Johnson & his Crohns and Colitis team to my wellness team. 

I have thought about this long and prayerfully, I have a great feeling that adding them to my wellness team is going to give me the support I need to get lasting results. The alterantive is taking biologics if another flare appears and after doing thorough research I do not feel confident in that being a solution. The money from this campaign will be used to purchase the SHIELD program and the supplements, and tests recommended.

Thank you for taking the time to read and your support!

Danielle Swaby

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