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Hi, my name is Daniel

I've been suffering from IBS for about 10 years now. My journey to recovering from IBS has been quite a battle. It has affected my life in so many ways and has limited me from doing the things I love to do and experiencing life at it's fullest. Unfortunately, I've been having to struggle financially since I recently lost my job due to my circumstance. I've seen so many doctors and specialists and have been taking all sorts of medication but nothing has helped me recover from IBS. I'm currently working towards finding a new alternative method to heal from my disease but in the process, I have lost lots of money trying out different things and coming across some failure methods but also learned a bunch good information and therefore leading me to the eFundYourHealth program. So now all I ask for anyone who comes across my story that you would help me and support me on my journey to recovery and donate a small amount towards my campaign to reach my goal. It would mean the world to me and bless me TONS if you could lend a helping hand. Thank you guys so much and I appreciate you so much! Take care and God Bless!