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In July of 2016 Christopher was diagnosed with Autism and our world changed, however I have meet some amazing individuals that give me hope! I have started this campaign to ask for help on his journey to heal from Autsim with his vitamins and supplements he needs in order to recover. Christopher is non-verbal and is unaware of the dangers around him which means we don't get out as much as we'd like. I have recently started speaking with a Natoropathic Doctor about doing cease therapy. Talking with the doctor we have looked through my sons records and found he was given a vaccine that contained not one but 5 diseases in one vaccine overloaded his system with heavy metals that he has never been able to detox from on his own. We would appreciate anything you can donate to help us on this journey of Christophers recovery! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help!

  • Lori donated - $5.38