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I have been tested and treated for acute Lyme infections twice - first in 1996 and again in 2017.  I was 15 the first time. I woke one morning with facial paralysis. The next day I was given a 3 week prescription of Doxy and some steroids.  Initially, it seemed to work well enough.

Over the next several years I would be diagnosed with major depression, ADD, neuropathy, IBS, possible Crohn’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, Bipolar disorder, and more.  I allowed psychiatry into my life after several hospitalizations diminished my capacity to defend my truth. By 2015, I was unemployable for several years and I long stopped thinking about Lyme disease. Psych drugs were not keeping me stable.  My hands were failing. I was tired every time I ate. Scariest - I didn’t feel anxious or unstable as much as my brain felt like it was, “off.”

Over time, I developed a plan - which evolved as my truth did.  Initially, my goals were to stop the 5+ psych drugs and to get in the best shape possible.  These efforts were somewhat fruitful. When I started experimenting with more complex dietary approaches, such as the ketogenic diet, I had a breakthrough. I was able to suddenly stop an inflammatory response that had been unrelenting for 15 years.  I intuited that my situation was going to take a new direction.

In this short time, I have educated myself significantly and have done a tremendous amount of healing.  I have been willing to do anything that might help. At times, I was spending 10-15 or more hours a week hiking in the woods, reconnecting with nature, and quieting my mind.  I peeled off layers of sickness, which had manifested not just physically, but also as thoughts and behaviors.

I have started to see an integrative medicine doctor at Wave Therapy in Madison, CT and they've helped identify and develop a protocol to treat my specific symptoms and infections. I am so grateful to them and for this opportunity to start a new chapter of my life. The money raised from this campaign will help fund the many herbal supplements, vitamins, tinctures, and antibiotics that have been prescribed to me. It's been a long journey, but I'm relieved to finally get some answers and have a plan in place. 

Thank you for reading my story and for your donation if you decide to do so. Every little bit helps me on this path of recovery!

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