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Peace and many blessings,  my name is Cheryl Medina - I am a mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, sister, and aunt to an ever-expanding and loving family that I care for and that needs me.  And since I can remember, I’ve always been able to be there for them. I’ve given from my heart, provided my gifts, talents and resources, and acted as a guiding force for my loved ones.More recently, however, my health lapses have affected my ability to not only be and do that for them, but also myself. 

My health challenges manifested from years of trauma from multiple rapes, the social psychological impact of race, gender, family, and incest, physical and emotional abuse, and malnutrition. These abuses affected the lens in which I saw myself. It began as young as age 3 and continued well into my young twenties. The guilt and shame manifested internal thoughts and conversations of never being enough, never being good enough. The lack of self esteem, the body shaming, the living of life in a comparative view; the impact was 40 years of prescription drug and alcohol dependency in some form throughout many many many years of therapy and rehabilitation centers that eventually led to the most invasive gastric bypass and need for pain management clinics,  

Over the years I have tried to heal from the trauma and physical pain of a life of abuse, but mostly was coping and masking. I completed an amazing personal and professional development course through Zarvos Coaching and Leadership Training. In 2009, I graduated from the Landmark Forum and went back to school and completed my degree with a 4.0. 

Then, in May of 2012, I had sepsis, stroke and pneumonia all in one sitting. In 2014 I had obstructive bowel syndrome and nearly lost my life. I had to have the gastric bypass pretty much redone and suffered frightening hypoglycemic episodes afterward. This is but a short and more intense chapter of my long narrative of health challenges, ranging from chronic depression to degenerative arthritis, and Crohn's and colitis symptoms. 

Fast forward to 2019: After years of Failing organs, sudden collapses and emergency surgeries have all taken their toll on my ability to function physically and support myself mentally. I still suffer from stiff joints and body aches - reminders of my body failing me or, me failing my body…. and the many times my body’s been opened and sewn shut - the depression, resulting from the years of prescriptions, malnourishment, misdiagnosis, and unreleased emotional trauma (emotional toxins), near brushes with death, and the stresses of daily thriving and surviving. The very medicine that is supposed to help me cope with my physical ailments has been poisonous; my body and my mind can’t survive with or without them. With them, the side effects of suicidal ideology have hospitalized me and taken my mind to the brink. Without them, I suffer from too much pain to work or enjoy my life. 

I wasn’t born like this. I wasn’t born a victim of trauma. I wasn’t born into pain. I recently married my long time partner and friend; who has supported me through all of these health challenges throughout the years and now I want to make a change and  really choose life, I found hope this year through functional medicine and NAD, 

My daughter introduced me to Wholestic Nutrition and Anass Sentissi, a functional medicine practitioner. I read his book, Functional Medicine for Weightloss.  I was able to see the connection between nutrition and the environment of the body. I had no idea of the relationship between the gut and the brain! Then it began to click, if they removed parts of my intestines then there are neurons Im not creating in the gut for my brain. I did the comprehensive health analysis and got a blood test and functional health report. So much began to open up for me; and I started making smoothies and taking them to work everyday.

But, I just could not shake the depression. I could not shake the prescription meds. So as a family we looked at NAD

NAD is a $6,000 out of pocket expense. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme and is charged with the important job of structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body. These specialized enzymes require constant replenishment in the body. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse prompt the human brain to reorganize, particularly on a cellular level. This process, known as neuroadaptation, is directly responsible for addiction-related brain damage and depletion of neurotransmitters. NAD IV therapy is said to replenish the drained enzymes and target brain restoration. Because there is someone on the team in the company that can administer this modality, we would like to begin treatment with a detox of all the prescription drugs and a replenish of NAD for my brain. 

To heal the underlying root cause and psychological impact, I am working with Dr. Carla Gibson. She uses a modality called neuro emotional technique through corrective chiropractic care. This process is a $2,500 out of pocket expense, as insurance does not cover this either, but is instrumental in my ability to recover my mind as well as my body. 

To really build the muscle of healthy habbits and heal my gut, I’m working with a functional medicine health coach through Wholestic Nutrition and Evexia. We will work together and they are providing a follow up health questionnaire, a new functional blood chemistry analysis and F.I.T. test to determine what foods I should absolutely not eat, GI Mapping, meal planning and prepping, light exercise regimen, nutritional education, an updated functional health report and supplements. This is a six month process that will cement the healing process for me and is a $5,000 min expense over the next six months. 

My intention is to integrate these modalities and heal my mind, body, and spirit from the trauma, the addictions, the surgeries, the diseases; to heal my gut, detox my liver, and replenish with all the naturally given goodness available to me through food. Access to this plan will save me and my family the financial burden of expenses we just cannot afford. When the use of credit care wasn’t even an option, I felt like I had the rope, only to have it slip through my fingers. 

For those of you that can contribute, please know, that my commitment is to fulfil all of my dreams of artistic interior design, poetry writing and publishing, book writing and sharing my story!  I will be an example for those suffering with Crohn’s, Colitis, Hypoglycemia, Body Image Problems, Food Addictions, Drug and Alcohol dependency, have overcome the survival of rape, incest, physical and emotional abuse, to know that healing and transformation is available throuh access to alternative medicine and modalities that really heal you from the inside out. Alternative medicine can give you the strength and power to be who and all that you really are and be a contribution to the world. 

This campaign has inspired me, and brought the best of me forward into possibility! I look forward to continuing to share my journey on the road back to wellness and my intent is that it be a light and an example of what is possible for others who want to improve their overall health,  and quality of life. Thank you for your donations! Ase

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