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The photo of this lovely woman is my mother Cheryl. She came home to be with us after years of battling coloitis and a host of other dis-eases throughout her body systems. I have watched my mother deteriorate from a lively, high energy, go getter to a person with no quality of life, who is always tired, in chronic pain, and very depressed. My mother has always made it happen for everyone else and two weeks ago, when I got the call that she was suicidal, it was time to intervene! She just cant take it anymore. The doctors visits, the time off work, the tests, and the ineffective prescriptions have just taken their toll over the years.  

I am my mothers only child. I have four children that absolutely love and adore my mother. She makes a tremendous difference for others. Desperate that we would lose her, I reached out to friends in the functional medicine community and found out about this funding opportunity. As a mother, I would never give up on any of my children and as a daughter I will never give up on my mom, and I will not stand for her being experimented on any further! 

I was talking to my 8 year old son trying to figure out what kind of story to tell for my mothers campaign and then it dawned on I looked at my eight year old, one of my favorite memories came to mind.  When I was 7  my grandmother had passed away at 48 and my mother moved us to Phoenix. She was a very young woman and I can only imagine what she must have been feeling and going through.  At the time she was working at a store called Joskies, and she had just secured us a place of our own.  When she came to get me from school one particular day, that fall of 1984, this young girl asked her why I wore the same dress everyday for school. My mother, embarrassed for me, and humiliated about not having enough money, contacted a new friend and a few days later on my 8th burthday, gave me the surprise of my life. She had Billy Bob from Showbiz Pizza show up at my school with a dozen pizzas and about 20 dresses, in front of my whole class! That is who my mother is! She is over the top, lives out loud, loves animals, especially dogs, defends children and elders and loves me to the moon and back again. She always made a way when it seemed there was no way, 

Now it is my turn to do the same for her. Im sure that her doctors are doing all they know to do. and, as a student of functional medicine myself, I know that access to Wholestic Nutrition is  what will change her life.  It will provide the necessary nutritional education and support to develop new life saving and sustaining habbits.