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Hi my son's name is Chase is is currently five years old. We have had a very long and difficult journey.  But, through it all I have never lost faith in my son and I'm never giving up! Chase was born full term perfectly healthy with no complications . He is my 1st child. I was not educated on the dangers of vaccines so he was vaccinated up until 21 months of age. The day our world changed was May 1 2014. He was taken to the pediatrician office by me for a sick visit. The lady insisted that he get 5 vaccines that day one of which was the Mmr vaccine.  I declined and said no six times. She was not taking no for an answer. I even asked to break the shots up she said it was not necessary. I was a first time Mom at the time and she said Do you want to kill your son? Of course I had a voice screaming no don't get the shots my gut was screaming out. But I did not know the dangers or ever have informed consent.  So I got my son the vaccines that day her scare tactics work and my family has paid the price ever since that day. Imagine hell on earth that's what life has been like for my family. But my faith keeps me pushing forward good always wins! After that day my son had projectile vomiting, lethargy, fever, measles rash all over . I rushed him by ambulance because I thought he was going to die. After that he started loosing all speech all 250 words and skills he had prior. He was in his own world. He would no longer look at me and his Dad or siblings.  He could not eat regular food anymore like he was able to prior without being in severe pain. He was no longer toilet trained he almost was prior, lost all of his learned skills. Could no longer sleep at night. Would scream in pain for days on end bash his head to the floor. Me and his Dad would take shifts just to get a little sleep this went on for a few years. We struggle a lot we have one income because of me having to take care of my son. Diet and supplements and biomedical interventions are not cheap.  My son has come such a long way but he still has a long way to go. He has his eye contact back he is interacting again.  He has some words but nothing on a regular basis.  He can follow some instructions, sleeps better now. Still requires a special diet, in less pain. He is not fully toilet trained yet. When I look into my son's eyes I know he can be healed from what was done to him. I see a strong little boy that is a fighter! This campaign would help my family in so many ways on our recovery journey! It's hard when you feel like your back is against the wall. But, I have met so many amazing people along the way! People who give me hope to carry on and fight for my child! I want to do CEASE therapy for my son I truly believe this could be the answer.  

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