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Chase was born healthy with no complications.  He hit all milestones and even had 250 words and skills. He was able to eat a normal diet and he interacted and played with toys. Typical development.  I never researched vaccines as a first time mother. The day his world changed was May 1st 2014 I took him into the pediatrician because he had a cold. The Dr insisted he get a total of five vaccines that day. Included in the vaccine line up that day was the MMR vaccine which is a three in one vaccine.  I had a gut wrenching feeling not to get it done so I declined no six times. The Dr was not taking no for an answer. I was all alone in the room as a 1st time Mother with my only child at the time. She then asked me Do you want to kill your son? I went against my gut instinct and got him the vaccines that day I gave into scare tactics. After that day my son developed a fever, measles like rash all over his body, projectile vomiting and lethargy.  I thought he was going to die I was so scared. Little by little he started loosing all speech he had all 250 words and skills. All milestones he had already accomplished such as saying abcs, putting Blocks in a cube, almost potty trained, he no longer waved bye bye. He no longer interacted he was in his own world. He would just be fixated on certain things. My son also was in so much pain this went on for years, he used to bash his head into the floor and scream for hours on end. He would no longer sleep well he was up between 1 am and 5 am this went on for years I remember me and his father had to take shifts to sleep just to function. I usually drove him every night in the car just so he could go to sleep me or his father took turns. He would throw stuff, spit on everything he could not focus anymore or sit still. He would climb up on furniture break TVs and toys. It was no way to live. He now requires a special diet he reacts to certain foods that he once was able to eat. He would scream in pain for hours on end it was so horrible I bawled on a daily basis. I started researching and saw that it might be helpful to put my son on a Gluten free, Dairy Free and Soy free diet . So that's what we did the Drs told me dont bother. I did it anyway . Chase was in less pain he got his eye contact fully back. That's when I started researching more and started taking the biomedical approach.  I paid for testing that was helpful found out he has Mthfr so he started b12 injections so that helped even more with focus. He takes a lot of supplements we started CEASE therapy and already the results are amazing.  My son is doing better in school and he is happier. But, there is much more work to be done.  My son has some skills back such as eye contact, interacting again, more focused, less spitting, no longer in the pain he was in prior but there is more to come in his healing journey . Vitamins and supplements, healthy food, dr appointments not covered by insurance dont come cheap. We struggle a lot to make ends meet so I am creating this campaign to take the financial burden off of my family. We are a one income family trying the best we can. Thank you for hearing Chase's story and for being apart of his healing journey with us!