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Please donate to The Carolina Holistic Medicine Patient Fund to enable those seeking holistic treatment to receive the care they need.

Why Carolina Holistic Medicine?


Because we will identify your imbalances, and discover what’s stressing you with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine.  Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. Our providers spend an hour or more with each of our patients to afford ourselves the time to get to know our patients and be able to listen to our patients.  We provide intensive patient education allowing you the ability to help yourself and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. We work with you and make suggestions allowing you to make better decisions in the direction of your health.  Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.  Visit to learn more.



Our Mission

To Restore your body and mind to optimal and youthful levels.  We balance the body’s rhythms and hormones. We utilize cutting edge laboratory and functional testing to bring into balance energy, nutrition, fitness, neurotransmitters and hormones.

How It Works

Carolina Holistic Medicine is continuing it’s conversion process of our practice to a fully integrated Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership model.

This healthcare model has proven to be one of the best ways for patients to be engaged and gain the best access to all our practice has to offer.

Carolina Holistic Medicine is committed to your continued health & well-being.

The Institute for Functional Medicine has endorsed this practice model, and we are following their sound advice in making this change in our office.

While Fee-for-Service is currently still offered, as memberships increase it may not be able to be offered, therefore patients are encouraged to consider a membership at Carolina Holistic Medicine.


Our Values

Embodying the concept of the whole person; holistic or integrative medicine seeks to balance the physical with the mental and spiritual. Making you healthy and well as a whole person.

Our Solution

Departing from “disease chasing” with prescription medications. Instead, using preventive medicine protocols avoiding degenerative disease & long term chronic illness.


How The Funds are Used and Processed?

  • Financial assistance for uninsurable healthcare costs - These funds are used to help pay for non-insured and uninsurable healthcare options. Matching funds do not replace insurance, medicare or any federal benefit.
  • Financial Burden is Shared  - The cost is shared by the ecosystem of practitioners, patients and passionate individual and corporate donors.  We disperse 90% of the funds directly to the patient on their Health Debit Card.  The remaining 10% covers administrative, auditing and reporting requirements.  The Clinics contribute 10+% in products or services, the Patient raises a minimum of $500 and the Fund matches or exceeds what the patient raises up to a maximum grant as directed by the Clinic.  Patients can use their own campaigns to cover their additional costs and raise as much as possible for al their non-insured healthcare needs.
  • Controlled disbursements and Audited Results - Grants are available to patients once their own campaigns are closed. eFundYourHeath loads the grant directly to the Patient debit card. The Grants are available to the patient up to the maximum cap designated by the Fund. The Cap can be any amount depending on availability and will change as more donations are raised. All debit card and Fund expenditures are audited by eFundYourHealth quarterly to ensure they meet the 501(c)3 IRS and State Charity requirements.

eFundYourHealth- Who We Are

eFundYourHealth is a program by The Crohns & Colitis Nutrition Foundation (CCNF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2013, (EIN # 46-3701568 and registered in SC, United States). Created to advance integrative healthcare to those affected by chronic illness and to support the provider community critical to their healing. CCNF has been providing Matching Grants to patients since 2018 enabling all people regardless of income to access all options for healthcare. 




  • Grateful and moving it forward! CCNF