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This is a bit difficult for me to write about because it is something I have been going through for as long as I can remember. I have been to many doctors since childhood, on and off during bouts of trying to get to the bottom of things, with essentially no answers. It has been especially difficult because my symptoms flare up and off and shift around, they are unpredictable. One time, I woke up and felt like my right ankle had been completely shattered with a hammer--the pain was worse than labor. Often there are numerous physical symptoms going on along with many and varying neurological symptoms, including tremors, weakness, numbness, memory problems, cognition difficulties, and speech trouble. I recently saw a new neurologist and was recommended to a tick-borne illness clinic for suspected Bartonella Henselae. If this is indeed what I have, I have been living with it for at least 22 years. Unfortunately, insurance does not factor in at all at these specialized places. The initial appointment will be at least $800 not including the extensive and expensive testing.

I am a single mother of three young children, the oldest turns four March 2019 and the twins turn two in April 2019. Sadly at this point I cannot even make ends meet and will be moving back in with my mom after nine years of living on my own, which is a difficult decision to have made. I worry about my capabilities to continue working and take care of my children as I have a very active job (dog walker) and a very active life in general raising my three young children. Despite my on and off difficulties with whatever this illness is, I have always been extremely active. I know that life will only continue to present me with more challenges as my children grow, and I want to be able to meet them head on. One of the other difficult things about this situation is that I may have passed this bacteria on to some/all of them during my pregnancies. Depending on the results of my own tests, I may have to pursue testing and treatment for all of them. It is an overwhelming undertaking, financially speaking. I do my best to make do with what I have and not ask for help, but in this instance I am asking. I have nothing else I can do on my own and I am desperate for answers. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so very much.

UPDATE 3/24/19

My appointment provided a lot of information and clarity on what's been going on with me. I have a lot of work to do in getting my nutrition back on track by eating regularly and drinking more water. This is contributing to the severity of my problems but is not the cause. The doctor is very confident I have both Lyme Disease and Bartonella Henselae. I have another appointment in a few weeks and a lot to accomplish before then in terms of improving my self-care, taking supplements to get my immune system calmed down, and integrating some other healing techniques before we proceed with any antibiotic treatment. Additionally, mold exposure is a probably factor in some of my immune responses so I may need to take a specialized test for that before beginning antibiotics. If mold exposure present in my system they cannot treat me. The extensive blood work ordered was all done through the insurance, meaning we likely won't see the results that would confirm these, as the standard tests are very unreliable. However, he will treat me for them confidentially regardless of negative test results due to my history, symptoms, and his experience in treating so many others with these same things. I feel so grateful that I finally have a definitive direction to go in, and although it will be a long road ahead I am excited about the prospect of feeling better and being cured.

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