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Benjamin & Samuel were both diagnosed with PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) last Fall. We’ve seen practitioners in Columbia and Charleston, had tons of labs and are peeling back layers to help our boys heal. It’s been heartbreaking to see Ben go from our musical athletic social boy, to not able to play piano, do school or exert himself physically, along with the addition of severe anxiety/terror over sleeping, eating, leaving our house, and horrific rage episodes and debilitating pain. We’re doing everything to help our sons heal, but have depleted every available cent to our name since most labs, appointments & doctors don’t take insurance for PANS. 

Our local doctor recommended this matching grant and we greatly appreciate anyone who feels led to come along side us in this healing journey for our boys. ??

  • Diane donated - $107.50
  • Jeremy donated - $2687.50
  • Paula donated - $107.50
  • Anonymous donated - $53.75
  • John and Lidia donated - $107.50
  • Jean donated - $107.50
  • Judy and Don donated - $322.50
  • Luis donated - $26.88
  • Janice donated - $215.00