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I first started having trouble with my physical health as a teenager. It began with abdominal trouble. That continued pretty much for 10 years, at least. At 18, I also developed an anxiety and panic disorder. Luckily, it went away from between ages 19 - 22. At 19, I was also diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Graves. I had a total thyroidectomy as per the suggestion of my endocrinologist. It was rough. At 23 - 25, my anxiety disorder came back. It then disappeared with the pregnancy of my 2nd child, but quickly returned 2 days after she was born & lasted until I was approximately 27. 27 to almost 30 were the best years I can remember, both physically & mentally. This is because I made the step to take control of my life, with the initial help of my functional medicine practitioner. I was so tired of the anxiety, the abdominal distress, & the daily vomiting. Unfortunately, in April 2018, after a major life stressor, my health again hit rock bottom. With the help of God & my family, I was able to push through until I was "well enough". My husband & I became pregnant with our 3rd child this summer, but it unfortunately ended in miscarriage. Starting even before the miscarriage, my mental health became unbearable, mostly because an unfamiliar depression also set in. Thank God the depression has since disapaited, but I am still struggling daily to manage the anxiety. All of my money, effort, & knowledge goes to not only helping myself, but my children so that they never have to suffer as bad. Everyday, my goal is to be a model of strength and to lean on God. I have come a long way without the help of practitioners, but I need their support to put this vicious cycle to an end. I see a counselor weekly, I have conventional & borderline integrative doctors, but my situation needs to kind that do not accept insurance. This is where the financial support is needed.