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In 2016, at the age of 29, I began experiencing an increase in the chest pain I had been feeling for a few years prior.  I had been to several doctors and no one could ever tell me what was wrong with me. I had an epsiode that really scared me. I was diagnosed with graves disease (thyroid problem). This causes frequent chest pain, heart palpitations, an increased resting heart rate, shortness of breath, irritbility, and extreme fatigue. Another symptom of graves disease is a large goiter in your throat, which is basically an enlarged thyroid gland. This can cause difficulty swallowing foods or vitamins and cause me to choke easily. As time went on, I was seeing an endocrinologist, who put me on several medications that were causing bad side effects.  I was hospitilized a couple times and had frequent trips to the emergency room.  He offered me 2 solutions which were very risky and I wasnt willing to do either. I knew I needed to keep fighting.

I had a little difficulty getting pregnant and when I finally did it was a rough pregnancy. It was a blessing to give birth to our baby girl but working a full time job, and dealing with my health issues was becoming too much for me. When my daughter was born, I became a natural mama. I turned to alternative medicine when treating my daughter and myself for everyday ailgments, colds, flu, etc. My best friend is a natural mama too and she began teaching me about healthy drinking water, organic foods, non-toxic soaps, lotions, and homeopathic medicine. As I researched more and more I was making the connections between toxic ingredients and my health issues. After changing my lifestyle, I was starting to build up my immune system and the sinus infections were becoming less frequent and I wasn't getting sick as much. However my thyroid was still a major problem and the fatigue started getting really bad and I was struggling to care for my daughter.  I was working so hard to eat the right things and use the right products but I still had so many health issues. I knew I needed an alternative medicine doctor.

With some encouragement from my best friend pointing me in the right direction, I found Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt MD., from Deeper Healing. He was an emergency room doctor for over 20 years. He had his own health issues that led him into practicing functional and environmental medicine. So I filled out the very extensive patient form before my first appointment. I sat down with my new doctor and I felt heard for the first time. He said "we can't just treat the thyroid, we have to get to the root of what caused this issue in the first place in order to truly heal". He said "we must dig DEEP!" So I had my first set of blood work taken and I went to him for the results. He said, "I would expect these numbers from someone who could not get out of bed in the morning". I started crying and I said, "well that's me." There are so many days it is so hard to get out of bed in the morning, but I do it because I don't have a choice. My daughter is the reason I get out of bed everyday, despite how horrible I feel, because she depends on me. He was able to get my thyoid under control to where I could get off the medication that I needed to stop taking, but I am not healed yet.

After several months of bloodwork and a mycotoxin test we found out how bad my health is and the cause of some of my health issues. Not only do I have graves disease, I have hashimotos also, my thyroid goes up and down. I also have chronic Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and when I have a flare up it makes me really sick and the level of fatigue is so bad I sometiems have to take off work for several days. I also have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is a contributing factor to my inability to loose weight and concieve. Some other things my bloodwork has shown is an onset of lupus, and extreme inflamation of several organs incluing my heart and liver. My liver does not detox properly at all.  All of these autoimmune disorders and high levels of inflamation are caused by a toxic mold exposure I had and exposure to environmental toxins in water, foods, beauty products, things I come into contact with frequently, etc. Dr. B taught me even more about living well in a modern toxic world.

I now have a good understanding of how to avoid these toxins and how to live a healthier life style, however the damage has been done. I need severe detoxing from what my body has been exposed to before I changed my lifestlye. Recieving natural treatments are costly because the insurance companies only cover surgeries and medications. They help with "sick care" not "well care". I need help financing the treatments I need in order to start living again and being the mom I know my daughter deserves and the wife my husband deserves.

What is really hard about living with several autoimmune disorders is that from the outside people think you "look fine" and they have no idea what you are going through everday.

Thanks so much for reading my story and considering donating for my treatments. #SufferingInSilence

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