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Relentless Lyme and Auto Immune Trouble

In May of 2017 I got bit by a Lyme infected tick. I didn't have a bullseye or rash, or any of the typical fever or swelling that usually signals Lyme disease. In fact I had no symptoms. I waited 6 weeks and got tested for Lyme, because that is how long they say it takes to show up in the blood. The test was strongly positive, but I still had no symptoms. Because I had a lot of antibiotics as a child for recurring strep throat, and because I have very sensitive digestion, I chose to use herbal supplements and alternative medicines for treatment, but with no symptoms, I was only taking a very generic protocol. Over the next 6 weeks symptoms came very slowly, but got worse to the point where I was having sharp pains all over my face and body, and was having total lethargy.