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Most of you know that Ella and I have spent these last few years battling illness, relying on the love and support our parents have to give.  It is so helpless, feeling like a burden to parents who endlessly pour every ounce of time and energy into keeping us afloat.  

It has been four years since we escaped a house riddled with toxic mold, and it has damaged our bodies in every way.  Since then, Ella was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease (juvenile dermatomyositis) that created great weakness and pain.  She suffers with debilitating symptoms due to mold toxicity and other infections. 

I have been bedridden with Lyme disease, seizures, intracranial pressure, and hypoglycemia. 

Along the way, I lost the ability to walk on my own, having to depend on being carried or wheeled around.  Crossing my room quickly became impossible, I would pass out before reaching the bathroom.  Chickpeas became the only food I could consume, and I entered a state of deep malnutrition.  

I had agonizing head pain and violent convulsions, spending nights screaming and crying from the pain.  Eventually, I became unable to speak, spending each day blankly staring at the ceiling, unable to think, or hardly move.  

In August of 2021, I discovered I had encephalopathy, and nearly lost my life.  After four emergency room visits, I was finally admitted and treated, but my body still struggles to uphold adequate levels of Thiamine, and is still broken apart by neurological Lyme Disease. 

With this campaign, I'd like to do something for my parents and raise funds to lighten the crushing weight of medical expenses that rest on their shoulders.  Being nineteen, and unable to contribute in any way creates a sense of helplessness inside.  My parents have so lovingly held us both through every passing moment, and being able to come alongside them and offer help would bring us so much peace.  

Unfortunately, Insurance does not cover alternative medicine, and we need added support!  

We are filled with gratitude for the help of Dr. B and his loving staff at Deeper Healing, who have entered this storm with light and hope.  It would be our greatest joy to continue their treatments.  

These four years have felt like a lifetime, but I believe through pieces unwoven where weakness thrives, growth has entered the barren places.  My hope is we'll look back one day, finding a garden sprung to life with healing. 


You are deeply appreciated in our hearts, 

Anah & Ella. 

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2 years ago

Hi Anah ~ I’m Donna & your grandma was one of the first ladies I met when we moved to The Villages over a year ago. She shared your story with me & I have been praying for you ever since. This was a great idea & I hope & pray your new treatment helps. Always choose Joy ~ Donna

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