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Hi Everyone!
As you may or many not know, Amanda was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease in 2017. Growing up active, upbeat, hard working and social as ever, symptoms caught us off guard as they started to appear just four short months after moving to the Big Island of Hawaii. After various symptoms appeared, we went to the doctor, got many labs drawn and were told lyme was nearly impossible.  We were then referred to a Rheumatologist to further explore Rheumatoid Arthritis after blood work showing positive results. After trials and attempts at different treatments, Amanda came home to Connecticut to see a lyme specialist, who quickly confirmed three different tick bourne diseases. We expected it to be a quick process of knocking the lyme out and continuing on normally, however, almost 1 and a half years later, we are attempting yet another treatment protocol. Because of Amanda's physical response to the initial antibiotics and other medications, it's almost crucial we approach this integratively with herbs, supplements, and vitamins in addition to the antibiotics. Unfortunately, there's little to no coverage on this lyme treatment available. It's costing hundreds monthly and as much as we would love to be able to see this treatment plan through without financial hardship, it is not something we are able to afford completely on our own. Although it has been hard for us to ask and accept help throughout this process, Efundyourhealth has given us the opportunity to reach out to those close to us. Absolutely any and every amount is helpful and beyond appreciated - and Efundyourhealth will match any amount you might be able to donate, allowing us to move forward through this treatment.  

Thank you so unbelievably much on behalf of the Preston Family 

Tom, Amy, Ross, Luke, Adam, Amanda and Jack