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Hello and Welcome to our donation page!

Most of you know the healing journey that Ali has been on for over 9 years. Her decline kicked into high gear with a ruptured appendix in 2010, and we’ve been managing her health ever since. It was a steady decline for a long time, with protocols seeming to work for a few months and then inevitably the treatments would stop being effective. We didn’t even have an official diagnosis. In 2015, after a visit to the Mayo Clinic (thank you all for your wonderful donations then, we couldn’t have done it without you!), we FINALLY had a name for what was causing her symptoms: DYSAUTONOMIA. More specifically it is a variant of Ross Syndrome, a very rare condition that has only effected 40 people in the last 80 years. Basically, it means she doesn’t sweat, and her autonomic nervous system doesn’t function as it should. (The autonomic nervous system controls everything we don’t “think” about doing: breathing, heart rate, metabolism, nerve conduction, and pupil dilation, all the fun stuff that NEEDS to work properly to keep you alive and well.)

We’ve managed her care primarily with alternative treatments as she hasn’t typically responded well to traditional interventions. Of course, these treatments and protocols are not covered by insurance, so we pay out of pocket. It definitely adds up. An average month of care costs approximately $2500-$3000. Normally, we make it work, and Ali knows she is so blessed that Mike has a flexible job that allows us to cover this cost most of the time.

This last couple of months we went through another healing crisis with Ali contracting a particularly virulent and antibiotic resistant infection. It even resulted in a cancer scare! Luckily, Ali kicked the infection to the curb and it cancer free, WOOT! Imagine our surprise when during time there was a BILLING ERROR for Ali’s main healing protocol (all of her current supplements that have DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED her condition over the last few months) and we ended owing over $2500 and can’t purchase any more supplementation until the balance is paid off! We just found this out and Ali is low on her meds. YIKES!

This is where we NEED your HELP! Any amount will get us closer, and what we like about the platform is they’ll MATCH any contributions up to $2500!!!

We greatly appreciate any and all support given, whether it’s financial, good vibes, or prayers! We wouldn’t ask if we hadn’t exhausted all other avenues and we love that we have supportive community we can reach to for help!


Ali and Mike

  • Mike donated - $403.13
  • Tessa donated - $53.75
  • Joseph donated - $80.63
  • Becky donated - $53.75
  • Carol donated - $80.63
  • Emily donated - $26.88