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I have been to multiple doctors seeking help on why I am constantly feeling miserable from being so fatigued that I was depressed to having so much pain I become restless. No one could provide answers. Stating that everything seemed to be normal. I am truly at my breaking point. Now that I have found a place that is using functional medicine practices that could really help me get to a healthier lifestyle, being a full time college student and working part time, I cannot afford the extensive testing, treatment nor supplements that I need. I have become nutritionally deficient, among being deficient in minerals and vitamins, constantly bloated and constant abdominal discomfort and pain. Without your help, my life is put in danger of poor health. I am doing the best I can by changing my diet and drinking water but it is not enough. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you take the time to help as well. Be blessed.