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About my person:

Before I was diagnosed cancer of the throat I worked as a constructor. This job is not well paid here in Nicaragua. So, I worked 6 days a week and took hardly any day off. But it is a creative job and I loved to gave everything to made the dreams of my customers become true with their houses and gardens.

What happened?

About a year ago I have recognized that breathing and swallowing caused pain in my throat and went to the doctor. The diagnosis was fast done and shocked me entirely: A tumor is growing in my throat.
Not much later I was not able to breath and eat normally. I needed a tracheotomy for breathing and gastric tube for eating. The doctors presented a plan with chemo and radio therapies. None of it helped and until today the tumor is blocking my throat.

My plan:

With your help I would be able to go to the Hospital Oasis of Hope in Mexico for an alternative treatment of my cancer. There will be two cycles of treatment and an in between and after treatment at home with my natural doctor. But it needs two times traveling to Mexico and stay there for a couple of weeks. This all is related to costs which are far beyond of that what I and my family can afford. That's why I have launched this campaign.

The chances are good that this treatments could eliminate this not malignant tumor and I can go back to a normal life and work. It might be my last chance!

Every contribution, no matter how much or how little, is very much appreciated. Thank you!
Erwin B., Nicaragua