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My son is fighting  for his life for the 3rd time. He has fought 3 different types of cancer in his 7 short years.  At 1.5 he was diagnosed with. Stage 4 liver cancer, he underwent treatment as well as a full liver transplant. He was good and healthy for 3 yrs.  until a routine lab showed elevated counts, he was then diagnosed at age of 4 with JMML, a rare form of leukemia. Again, fighting the fight he underwent treatment as well as a bone marrow transplant, did well and recovered. One month shy of making 2 years, he fell ill and needed to be seen, it was told to us he had some pneumonia, so we were sent home on antibiotics but nothing was helping, back to the dr we went and was then discovered after a lab that he had relapsed. He was airlifted to the closest Children’s hospital, and was then diagnosed with high risk AML. Now for the 3rd time we are fighting this fight. He underwent more treatment and another BMT, again did well and recovered. We were so excited to begin life again, then after 8 months a routine lab showed, he has relapsed again. The unfortunate truth is there is no Cure for AML at this time and due to his liver transplant he doesn’t qualify for any clinical trials that we have looked into. He is currently on supportive chemo to try and keep his cancer at bay until it stops working.

Since western medicine hasn’t worked, something has to! I have started researching into alternative treatments to give  my son a fighting chance. Unfortunately where we live, there isn’t any alternative treatments he can get and or needs, requiring us to fly to another state and be there for 4 wks. to get him started, then from there he will have to take lots of supplements and specialty medications for several several  months. This has been a very emotional and hard trip for him because we are so far from home, he misses his family and friends and just wants to live a normal life.

Neadless to say, it’s been a huge financial struggle over the years being in and out of treatments and hospitals and having all these treatments done 3 hrs from home. And now doing alternative treatments where insurance doesn’t pay, makes things a lot harder financially. He has missed so much school that he has had to repeat 1st grade and now this year, he has only been in school about a month all together. We have been down to only 1 income due to all his medical appts, treatments and hospital visits.