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Billie is loved and respected by so many people and he needs our support.

Fifteen years ago, Billie underwent chemo and radiation for sub lingual neck and throat cancer that almost killed him. After surviving this treatment Billie lived victoriously cancer free for 15 years. In November after seeing his doctor for a chronic soar throat he received the dreaded report, another tumor was located beneath and between his tongue and jaw bone. Doctors say that he can no longer have any more radiation, but is undergoing a very radical surgery leaving him with a tracheotomy, a feeding tube for months to come, and undergoing rehabilitation to learn to swallow and speak again. Billie will be out of work for a prolonged period of time during his recovery and will incur thousands of dollars of medical bills and loss of income.

We covet your prayers and any support you may wish to gift to Billie.

  • Gowen Geter donated - $26.88
  • Jagdish donated - $25.00
  • Pete A. donated - $26.88
  • Brad donated - $26.88
  • Chris McNeil donated - $53.75
  • The Howley Family donated - $80.63
  • Pam Winholtz donated - $26.88
  • Joni donated - $26.88
  • Pete A. donated - $26.88
  • Pulling for you, Billie! ~Kent donated - $26.88
  • Wishing you the best Billie! PJ donated - $26.88