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I really don't know where to start.  I am 56 years old.  At 27 years old I started with fibromyalgia.  Then interstitial cystitis.  At that point, I lost my job of 9 years.  My quality of life has been effected ever since.  I am still struggling with chemical sensitivity, unending sleep deprivation and a host of other cronic problems.  I have also been diagnosed with diverticular disease.  I also have severe sensitivity to all antibiotics.  I have suffered through 29 years of doctor after doctor.  I am hoping for this fund to help me be able to finance appointments with a  naturopathic doctor.  I am Medicare/Medi-Cal and disability.  Living in California and the cost of supplements isn't even a possibility.  I feel strogely that I could heal through a holistic approach for all of my conditions.  It is very frusterating when that isn't financially possible.  I have spent my life in pain, isolation and poverty.