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After being diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago. I became very sick in 2010. I ended up going to an alternative doctor, she listened to my health history for  a two hour office appointment and recommended to have my silicone implants removed.   I thought she was crazy because I was just trying to get EDTA chelation for the heavy metals  that were making me so sick like numbness and stiffness in joints I have to use a walker 4 years now. well the plastic surgeon I saw to see if they needed to be removed stated that they should have been out or replced 20 years ago. (but only out and not replaced if you were having auto-immune problems) I had the explant in 2010  and  pathology reports said they were calcified and they pulled out black and green and yellow tissue . the check for cancer was negitive and  I have had 2 chest-wall clean outs and the silicone that was calcified has embeded into tissue and major organs.  I need  IV therapy from silicone toxcity and to build up the immune system holistically  because it is so worn down.  I need to heal and toss this walker I use everyday to get aro und and its a struggle.